Laurie Ross


Shop Dogs: A Photo Essay of Dogs that Go to Work
Having viewed many artful presentations of various animals, I have never seen any more attractive and elegant, than author Ross has painstakingly collected to depict her tributes to working dogs. While the book would, no doubt, enhance a coffee table, its content is worthy of any fine library. To fully appreciate this read, one should set aside adequate time to digest the personality she has captured in each of the animals. Only a professional photographer with Ross's talent could so successfully grasp the eye contact brought to view through her lens. I can't think of a finer gift for anyone who loves dogs. Rest assured. it is very likely you shall be as impressed and pleased as am I when you examine Shop Dogs. It is a great book and a truly fine work of art.

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The dog is the perfect mirror of devotion, play and love. Blessed by furry joy and wet noses, our lives are transformed by our realtionships with our canine companions. Dogs remind us that no matter what, love is the only thing that matters.

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